Towards a Better Education for International Students







International Inspectorate Council (IIC) is an independent body founded with the specific aim of establishing a rigorous set of guiding principles for English language providers to ensure the provision of high quality education for international students studying English language in the English speaking countries, the UK in particular.

IIC provides specialised educational guidance with a wide-reaching impact upon students, sponsoring bodies, universities, schools and private colleges to ensure the highest standards of education.

Our Mission is to ensure a Quality Service for international students studying the English language in the English speaking countries, the UK in particular.

We apply our criteria to make sure that the required proficiency and educational quality is maintained for the benefit of our international students. These criteria are set in line with the rules and regulations set in the English speaking countries.


The Accreditation Process

1 – Submission of the Application Form along with the payment of inspection fee.

2 – IIC sends the exact date and time for the announced inspection along with the guidance for the inspection.

3 – One or Two day inspection visits by one or more of our inspectors depending on the number of international students in the institution.

4 – Result of the inspection will be given straight away after completing the inspection process.

5 – The institution will be added to our approved list immediately after successfully passing our inspection.

6 – Announced and unannounced inspections will follow.

Benefits of our Inspections for English language providers

1 – Inspected providers will be added on IIC Unified List.

2 – Students are advised to choose a school to study at from our Unified List, which will boost the marketing of English language providers.

3 – Reports about providers are published on our website to promote competition among providers


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