IIC approval focuses on the academic side with good attention to students welfare, health and safety, and teaching resources. The academic delivery receives the most attention; we examine each academic file of the students very carefully to determine their progress.

IIC approval aims at working together with schools as partners for the best achievement of students. Raising the quality assurance of the school is one of our main objectives. Bringing the expert knowledge to the schools, we expect that they can rapidly improve  their delivery.
Approval by IIC will certainly enhance the name of your school putting it in position where students have more confidence in it. This will result in making your school a first best for students on deciding to choose a provider of English language to study in.


1 – Submission of the Application Form along with the payment of inspection fee.

2 – IIC sends the exact date and time for the announced inspection along with the guidance for the inspection.

3 – One or Two day inspection visits by one or more of our inspectors depending on the number of international students in the institution.

4 – Result of the inspection will be given straight away after completing the inspection process.

5 – The institution will be added to our approved list immediately after successfully passing our inspection.

6 – Announced and unannounced inspections will follow.


A. Academic Delivery and Quality Assurance:
The main focus of the Inspection is on this area. The students should receive a thorough assessment test in the four skills of English specifying their academic level and based on their test results, a full individual learning plan is drafted and discussed with the student showing what they expect from their course. We also check the syllabus, the individual learning plans, the students’ academic files, the text books, etc. We not only inspect the providers but also we guide them to upgrade their delivery which will be inspected in the follow up inspection visits to ensure that our students achieve the best results.

B. Student Welfare:
In this area students should receive a full and we make sure that students are well catered for knowing their rights from the very beginning such as how to make a complaint, how to seek advice about life in the UK, how to get health care, how to open a bank account, etc. Also, a student should be made aware where to go in case they need help and how to find a proper accommodation, for example.

C. Teaching Staff Resources:
This area inspects the teachers and their qualifications to make sure that they have a minimum CELTA or DELTA to give a clear picture about teachers to the students. Some providers use teachers with no teaching qualifications which is a big weakness point that might negatively impact on students.

D. Premises:
This entails inspecting the provider’s premises to make sure that the environment where the students are studying is safe, clean and suitable. Our objective is to provide students with accurate information about the providers and their premises and also we make sure that providers publish accurate information on their websites.


Download our Institutions Inspection Guidance below.