Our Mission is to ensure a Quality Service for international students studying English language in the English speaking countries, the UK in particular.

IIC has honed a uniquely thorough, independent inspection process, ensuring that a reliable service is provided consistently by educators. Furthermore, not only do we ensure that educators are well equipped to implement the most efficient teaching and learning methods, but we also guide them towards continually upgrading their provision of English language to international students. Our role extends to playing a leading role in quality assurance.

IIC creates, updates and monitors the unified list of the English language schools (ELS) where international students are studying to meet the needs and interests of the sponsoring bodies by safeguarding standards and aiding the improvement of the quality of teaching through our consultative and advisory role.

By conducting regular inspections on institutions that seek to upgrade their service provision in line with the criteria set by IIC, international students are reassured that they are able to make the right choices for their educational future. Institutions will be ranked according to the results of their inspections, giving the students a clear idea about what to expect when they decide to join a specific institution.

IIC ensures that complaints made by international students are not only taken seriously, but will also, if sufficiently serious, be taken into consideration in the ranking of institutions.


We apply our criteria to make sure that the required proficiency and educational quality is maintained for the benefit of our international students. These criteria are set in line with the rules and regulations set in the English speaking countries.

We carry out inspections for providers on IIC unified list to maintain the highest possible level of quality delivery. The outcome of our inspections is published online and is made available for students, their sponsors, and English language providers. It is our duty to help Providers that are not yet able to provide a high quality delivery to upgrade their provision.

It is our objective to achieve excellence in education and encourage competition among English language Providers. Through our specialised inspectors we carry out inspections of international schools where international students are studying.

Students can refer to our Unified List of English language provider to choose the school that most suits them. Also, students can read our inspection reports about the schools for further information. We help providers to put in place an action plan to meet all points that need to be addressed. We make sure that every student has a well-drafted Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

IIC has a set of criteria to assess the provision of English language to international students. It is our responsibility and duty to provide international students with accurate information about English language providers so that they can make the right decision in choosing the school that most suits them.