International Inspectorate Council (IIC) is an independent body founded with the specific aim of establishing a rigorous set of guiding principles for English language providers to ensure the provision of high quality education for international students studying English language in the English speaking countries, the UK in particular.

IIC is supervised by a board of 5 directors who guide and lead the Company and also to support the Inspectorate team. We have more than 300 highly qualified inspectors world-wide trained to carry out inspections on our behalf. Through our specialised inspectors, we conduct announced and unannounced inspecting visits to make sure that English language providers follow the best criteria in their delivery.

IIC provides specialised educational guidance with a wide-reaching impact upon students, sponsoring bodies, universities, schools and private colleges to ensure the highest standards of education. Our main objective from conducting inspections is to work hand in hand with English language Providers to ensure the best possible service for international students. The underlying basis of our Inspection is to provide specific professional services to international students to make sure that their journey in studying English language is beneficial.

We guide and support English Language providers to give their best to develop and improve our students’ Language and prepare them to pass one of the approved English Language Tests such as IELTS and TOFEL to join their degree course

Our work helps to instigate and implement changes to national and international education systems based on our studied and scrutinized scientific strategies. These changes directly benefit students, by increasing opportunities for both individuals and organisations to improve their return on investments from English language training. Our work in facilitating British education for international students recognises the fact that the English language is the driving force of the economic, scientific, social, and political realms.

Our approach is informed by the expertise of education professionals.

Our project is the outcome of an academic research conducted by a group of IIC highly experienced researchers holding PhD degrees in the field of education, highly qualified PhD lecturers of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and experienced Ofsted inspectors.

Through our work with British experts, we have gained a thorough understanding of the specialised knowledge required in the field of teaching and learning English language. IIC works hard to build links with English language in the English speaking countries, the UK in particular, laying the foundations for continual development. Our objectives are all add to helping international students receive the best educational service provided by English language providers taught to international students.